Humberview Enhanced Learning Program

Enhanced Program Summary

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Humberview’s Enhanced Learning Program (ELP) provides an opportunity for students who think in similar ways to come together in a classroom environment that challenges the critical thinking skills of identified students.

Enhanced courses are based on the academic-level curriculum, at no time is the student expected to do more work or work to a higher standard than the equivalent academic course. Instead, students are encouraged to explore the applications of their knowledge, and to develop skills pertaining to their areas of interest.

The primary advantage to enhanced courses is the chance to work together with peers of similar interest and ability, as well as the elimination of some repetition in the coursework that is more characteristic of academic courses. Students enjoy the ability to spend more time in the course working in depth on a particular area of interest, while working with like-minded individuals.

Students who have come through the ELP have commented that they have enjoyed increased success in post-secondary education compared to their counterparts who had come through the academic stream. Students have felt well-prepared for the workload at post-secondary institutions, and have been in consideration for many scholarships based on academic success and on leadership.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to continually make an effort to develop their leadership and thinking skills, as well as taking advantage of leadership opportunities within the ELP and throughout the school.

Students are given opportunities to think creatively and participate in the development of their own learning path. Students in the enhanced program are expected to make the most of these opportunities, and to work to their full potential in order to achieve the highest possible academic standard.

Grade 9:

  • English: ENG1DE
  • Geography: CGC1DE
  • Math: MPM1DE
  • Science: SNC1DE

Grade 10:

  • English: ENG2DE
  • History: CHC2DE
  • Math: MPM2DE
  • Science: SNC2DE

Courses Offered

In grades nine and ten, four core courses are offered at the enhanced level, two in each semester. In senior grades, students are offered many options for enhanced courses, including history, math, English and science. Where there are not enough enhanced students to support a full separate class, students will be grouped together and placed in an academic class, so that they still have opportunities to work with students with similar thought patterns.

For further information regarding the Enhanced Learning Program please contact:

Ms Lis Henry
Enhanced Learning Program Manager
Humberview Secondary School
(905) 451-4051 x424
Voicemail Extention: x533